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If you would like to host a screening of the Ocean Film Festival World Tour, we would love to know about it. The FAQs below will most likely answer most of your initial questions, if not please get in touch directly. At the Ocean Film Festival World Tour we aim to inspire ocean lovers around the globe and look forward to working with you to bring the Ocean Film Festival World Tour to the big screen in your community.


The Ocean Film Festival World Tour travels year-round and worldwide with a selection of short documentary films all related to the ocean. We present both single-event and multi-day shows delivered in digital format with a total running time of 2-3 hours per screening. This includes around 130 minutes of films and an intermission.

Anyone! Our tour stops have been hosted by a wide array of organizations, including dive shops, ocean enthusiasts, schools and universities, corporations, environmental groups, community groups, theatres, local governments and even individuals.

We do not travel to any of the locally-hosted screenings. Ocean Film Festival World Tour show hosts are completely in charge of putting on a great event, including finding a venue, ticket sales and promotion.

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour can be screened at just about any venue, large or small. We have played at theatres, school auditoriums, cinemas, town halls and everywhere in between. As long as you can arrange for professional screening equipment, we can make it happen.

Yes, the Ocean Film Festival World Tour operates on a fixed booking fee structure. At the Ocean Film Festival World Tour we believe it is important to reward our film makers each time their film is screened. This structure also allows the host to have complete control over ticket prices, box office revenue, local sponsor rates, etc., all designed to help you achieve your financial and/or fundraising goals.

Once we have confirmed your tour dates, we will send you a link to our Marketing Support page. There you can find a press release, poster templates, high resolution film stills, tour intros, tour logo kits, film details, checklists and program artwork.

Yes! Sponsors are a great way to help cover the tour screening fee and bring a dynamic element to your event. We encourage you to reach out to business leaders in your community who would benefit from being associated with your event.

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